How much will the build of your design cost?

Having worked with builders for so long, I have a better idea than others in the industry of the appropriate square metre rate of what my design will be. However, your final price won’t be known until all factors are taken into account, including final design brief, level of finish, council approvals and site costs, to name a few.

How long will your design process take?

After we finalise your design brief I can have the design concept back to you within 3 weeks. If you require full plans and documentation I can provide a scheduled estimate of time based on my knowledge of local councils.

Can I take out a wall and what’s involved in changing roof lines and remodelling?

All very good questions but are site specific and so cannot be appropriately addressed here. In general terms anything can be done...at a price.

Why should I use a Building Designer and not an Architect?

The BDAA estimates that 75-80% of all residential building design in Australia is performed by Building Designers. Over time, Australians have been turning towards Building Designers as very experienced and acclaimed at what they design every day, as opposed to putting their immediate trust in architects, sometimes more focussed on creative complexity, over and above your daily needs.

How do we start? We have never done any major building before?

With over two and a half decades of design experience, Russell can advise and guide you through the design and building process starting with a pre-design consultation to discuss your ideas, needs and expectations.

What are the best materials to use for our build?

The answer to this question is dependent on the conditions of your site, your design brief and budget. After a pre-design consultation and site visit, Russell can individually advise you on the best materials to use for your unique project.

How To Get Started?

Getting your home design off to a great start begins with a pre-design consultation to discuss expectations and budget and get broad feedback on what you can expect from Russell in terms of timing, budget and services. Once you have decided to engage Russell he will organise an on site (Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast clients) or Skype meeting. This, coupled with an extensive design brief consultation helps Russell to establish clear parameters for your design and creates the foundation for his shared understanding about your project and ongoing communications.


When you engage Russell Cook Building Design, you can expect the following:

Pre-design consultation.

Written fee proposal including service options and time frames.

Upon agreement, contracts are sent to commence engagement outlining payment schedules and associated services.

Site visit to undertake a detailed analysis of factors that will impact the design.

Client brief meeting to discuss your brief in detail, including your goals and aspirations for the design.

Concept draft presented.

Full presentation of concept design.

Full construction plans and DA documents, if required.